IIM Ahmedabad Interview Questions

General Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Which city did you grow up / study / work in? What do you know about the city?
  3. Why do you want to a MBA after your engineering?
  4. What is the meaning of your name?
  5. If you get selected in all IIMs, which IIM will you choose?

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Work Related Questions

  1. How do you think the company that you are in doing? Are you aware of the financial results?
  2. If you were to recommend changes to your current company, what would they be and what benefit would they provide?
  3. What was your last project about? How do you think it would benefit the customers? Why would the customers chose your company for doing business?

General Knowledge Questions

  1. Do you know Demand-Supply Law in Economics? Explain.
  2. Have you read the latest budget? What are key highlights of the budget? Profs may take one highlight and ask you to explain the benefits of it.
  3. If you were the home minister of India, how would you respond to the latest aggression by Pakistan?
  4. Do you know about the 2G scam? Do you agree with it being a scam? Do you think auctioning a country’s natural resources are best for the people of the country? Why?

Hobbies & Interests

  1. Which is your favourite book? Detailed inquiries about the book?
  2. If sports is your hobby, what is the condition of the sport (e.g soccer) in India, which are the top clubs. How do you think Indian soccer can improve / Why is it in a bad state?
  3. If you say you like to travel, which is your favourite location? What do you know about the history of that location?

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    The questions that were asked were really good and every1 who wants to graduate MBA especially from ahemdabad can go through these questions it may help all of us. My dream is to graduate MBA from iim ahemdabad. I hope I’ll be doing it.
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