5 Reasons to do an MBA – Part II?

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Reason 4: Quest for Knowledge: You want to learn more or explore yourself

Quest for KnowledgeThis is one of the best reasons to do an MBA. You have worked for a few years and find yourself becoming more of a robot than an individual. You want to take some time to explore yourself and your interests in the hope of finding your true passion. In that case it’s definitely a good idea to take time out and an MBA degree in a Tier 1 college is one of the best ways to do that. There are also some times, when you may be in a technical job, but what makes the business world tick really makes you curious and you want to take some time to explore this. You may want to study business now and later figure out what you want to do later – go back in the technical line or transition out to a business role. In such cases, as long as you don’t have any financial liabilities and are aware of the opportunity costs, you should try to get into a top business school.

Reason 5: Random Reasons: Last shot at student life, postponing marriage etc.

student lifeYou will be surprised at the reasons a few individuals have for doing an MBA. Comments from an actual introduction sessions at an IIM include “I want to get a better spouse in arranged marriage”, “I wanted to postpone my marriage for a couple of years”, “I wanted to live and enjoy student life once more”, “I just wanted to hit the reset button in life”. Most of these reasons to do an MBA sound ridiculous (and are). If you are thinking of doing an MBA for any such reason,we would certainly you to reconsider very carefully and evaluate other better ways to solve your problem. There is a very small probability that this won’t have a good outcome for your career. If you are still convinced, then you should be very very very sure that you are aware of all the costs of your decision.


It is also possible that more than one of the above 5 reasons of why should you do an MBA apply to you. Whatever, the case, if you do decide to do an MBA, you should be aware that this a major life decision and you are aware of the costs and risks associated with the decision as well as have a clear idea of what your career path will be post an MBA. At times, it is fine to not have a clear post-MBA career path planned out, but you should ensure that you develop this during the course of your MBA. Also before jumping into an MBA, you should go through the wrong reasons to do an MBA. You should also evaluate which MBA is better for you – an executive MBA or a full-time MBA and whether you should do an MBA from India or  a foreign B-School. MBAClub.in also offers career counselling services by IIM alumni to help you make this decision.

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