MBA Interview Preparation Tips and Guidelines


Once you clear the written MBA entrance exam and receive the much awaited MBA interview call, you need to start the MBA interview preparation – the next phase of your MBA admission journey. This can be tougher than preparing for the entrance exams, especially for Top Ranked B-Schools like the IIMs. These tips help you prepare well to ace the interview and get the coveted MBA admit of your choice.

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How to Prepare for the MBA Interview

  • Prepare the “Tell me something about yourself” question really well.
  • Prepare the “Why MBA?” question in detail. You need to convince the interview panel that you know what you are getting into and are not applying for an MBA just for the sake of it.
  • Be prepared with answering about your opportunity cost to do an MBA and why it makes sense for you.
  • Ensure you read the newspaper daily for the last 1 month – National, International, Business and Sports news being the most important.
  • Ensure you read a business newspaper like The Economic Times / Business Standard daily for the last one month
  • Ensure you prepare your resume very well. You should be able to answer in-depth questions about anything which you have mentioned in your resume
  • Every college has some typical interview questions. Read up on interview questions which have been asked or have been a central point of focus for a college.
  • Read up on other’s interview experiences on forums like
  • Another tricky question is “Which college will you choose if you get multiple MBA / IIM admissions?“. Prepare this answer well.
  • Ensure you are prepared to handle stress interviews

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Ensure you go through the below sections thoroughly:

All the best for the interview!
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2 thoughts on “MBA Interview Preparation Tips and Guidelines

  1. Akshatha

    Is talking about wanting to do an MBA with high national ranking important for the ‘why MBA’ question?

    1. admin Post author

      No, the key question being asked is Why do ‘you’ want to do an MBA so your answer should stick to that. If you want to indicate that you want to do it from a high ranked college, it is safe to say in the interview that you want are looking for quality education to ensure you hit your specific career goals. As a rule of thumb, never use the word ‘ranking’ in any MBA interview or essay.


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