MBA Interview Etiquette Guide


Keep these critical etiquette tips in mind at the MBA interview to ensure that you behave smartly and professionally at the interview and don’t make any behavioral mistakes. These will help you maximize your chances of success at the interview.

Remember, that a single slip in any of the points below, especially during the early part of your interview could create a bad initial impression which would reduce your chances of success in the interview.

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Things to remember while at the MBA Interview

  • Carry all your documents to the interview. Ensure your documents are well organized. Here is a list of items to be carried at a MBA Interview
  • Knock before entering the room.
  • Wish the panel while entering – A simple “Good Morning Sir / Madam” is enough. Remember to smile, but keep the smile formal.
  • Wait till you are ask to be seated. Say thank you when the professor asks you to sit.
  • Sit upright. Do not slouch or fidget.
  • Wait for the professor to finish asking the question before you start answering.
  • Try not to be artificial, interviewers are experienced enough to find out.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question, do not try and bluff and confidently give a wrong answer. This is a sure-shot strategy to failure. Acknowledge that you do not know the answer. Professors understand that everyone can’t know everything.
  • In case you do not know the answer to a question, try to think out aloud and work to the answer. A good response to give is “I do not exactly know, but I can try to reason out the answer” – after this think out aloud. e.g. In most cases the professors will help you with the direction. If your preparation is good, with knowledge of some stats you will be able to work out an approximate answer. Remember professors are not looking at the correct answer but how you get to the answer.
  • If you need time to think, do not jump in to the answer directly, but ask the professor : “May I have a minute to think through the question?”. Professors will usually allow you to think.

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Let us know whether you found the MBA Interview Etiquette Guide useful by dropping in a comment below. Feel free to add your tips as well. All the best!

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