Answering The ‘Why MBA?’ Question


Why Mba?This is perhaps the most standard MBA question, yet most people end up messing it up. The reason why professors usually ask the “Why MBA?” question is to try and understand whether you have thought out your career goals or are just joining a B-School for the sake of it. The best way to answer this question is to think how your profile and current experience can be benefited by an MBA degree. In an ideal case, this should be the exact same answer as your real reason to do an MBA, but if you don’t have a noble reason to do an MBA or have a wrong reason to do an MBA, then this page will guide you to an ‘ideal’ answer.

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If you have done anything related to marketing, finance, operations as part of your graduation or as part of your work, answering this question becomes easy.

Why MBA Answer for MBA Operations

e.g. My last project was building a SCM module for an automobile manufacturer. The complexities and challenges in ensuring an efficient supply chain were very interesting and stimulating at the same time and that is what fuels the desire to learn about operations in detail, and hence my choice to do an MBA.

Of course after this you should be prepared to talk in-depth about your project and the challenges in managing supply chains.

It would be a good idea to usually also follow-up with a proposed career path.

For e.g. 1 above, you can continue the answer by saying: Post my MBA, I aspire to join the supply chain management function in the manufacturing industry, preferably in one of the leading automotive companies like Maruti Suzuki or Tata Motors.

Why MBA Answer for MBA Finance

e.g. 2. I always had a keen interest in finance. Even at my current job, I am doing a project for the equity research arms of one of the largest banks in UK. I found the concepts of company valuation, PE rations and asset-ratios and how they related to a company’s share price really interesting. That experience further increased my inclination towards pursuing finance as a career option and that’s the reason I want to pursue an MBA. I would like to join a multi-national bank in their equity research division after my MBA.

Of course, be prepared to explain your answer – i.e. what the ratios are and how they related to the company’s stock price.

This is one of the critical questions in the outcome of your interview, so prepare this answer really well. If you need help, you can also buy our services to help you prepare an impressive customised answer to the ‘Why MBA’ question – see Interview Preparation Services.

You can check out more sample answers to the “Why MBA?” interview question. These provide guidance for freshers and those looking to change careers on answering the Why MBA question. For a thorough preparation for your MBA interview, read our MBA Interview Preparation Guide.

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23 thoughts on “Answering The ‘Why MBA?’ Question

  1. mayank miglani

    i hav just cleared my class 12th examination with 85.5 % marks in commerce stream and the cut off of DU is vry high all the time for the (hons) course …pzzz any1 suggest me a better alternative !!!

  2. Vikas

    i just completed my bachelor degree and i want to persue M.B.A but this que. why m.b.a always difficult to answer. i want to do m.b.a in marketing.
    the info. is useful but less about marketing.

    give me more suggestion and note i dont have any experience in this field but i always had keen interest in it.

    Help me sir as soon as possible.

    1. Suraj Singla

      Now I am facing the same dilemma. I want to pursue MBA in Marketing and just completed my graduation.
      What can the answer be? Please help me out.


    hello am a btech 3rd year student pursuing my engineering in CS branch.I am very confused dat whether optng for a job after my graduation is beneficial or switching to MBA degree .PLZ HELP ME OUT!!!

    1. Neel Gadre

      Hi I would like to know what path did u select coz i am facing the same dilema…
      Do reply.

  4. dharmendra

    carrier in supply chain management for mba fresher, what do the questions ask at time of interview

  5. kpjuram barupal

    Sir, I am B.A Hindi medium student. Can I do MBA in Finance? Please advise suggest me.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, you can but it will require some effort from your side. I would recommend intensive training in English as well as taking basic classes of Accounts and Finance.

  6. MBA FIn

    I am mechanical engg with 3 yrs workex, no finance background and i need to answer y MBA Finance….pls guide

  7. Mohammed Nadeem

    Hello, I have completed my in the stream of mechanical engineering, and i would like to pursue my future studies by studying MBA. so which stream is best suitable for me and why?

  8. Nikhilesh giri

    Sir I hold a bachelor degree and I am working Diagnostic’s company as a account executive and I need to pursue MBA currently I am totally confused with my future plzzz help me out is regular MBA best option for me or not .

  9. Meghna

    That’s a nice article but my problem is deeper. If you can please help me out to formulate ‘Why MBA?’
    My background: I’ve done my 12th class with science biology, tried for premedical test and wasted two years for it, it was basically my parents’ dream. Then I took interior designing for graduation and am in my final year of it ( i did it to buy some time for preparation for cat). I got 77 percentile. I do hope to get a decent college.

    I want to do MBA in HR, I’m good at communication, dealing with people and the idea of brands and company strategies always excite me.

    Please help!!

  10. raman shukla

    I want to do a MBA degree, so please tell me that why should I choose MBA .

  11. Mukesh Kumar

    Sir, I am Mukesh kumar student of accounts honors. I have completed my graduation in last month of 2014.I want to do MBA/PGDM in marketing .I am preparing for CAT .I am trying for any IIM but I wasted 2 years due to low percentile in CAT, XAT . I don’t have work experience. I am a fresher . My dream is to do MBA/PGDM , so I am still continuing to try. Please tell me , will the gap in my experience affect in interview during admission or not?

    1. admin Post author

      Mukesh. It is good that you are being persistent. However, you should not do this at the cost of your career. I would advise you to take up a job at the earliest and try in parallel for the MBA entrance exams. Having work-experience will help you in the admissions process as well. Regarding your gap, a one year gap is acceptable by most business schools. Anything more is usually a red flag and will work against you.

  12. surendra kumar

    Sir, I have graduated now this year. I am confused between MBA H.R and marketing. Please give me right suggestion . I have done

  13. Siddhi

    Hello sir
    I am pursuing my B.A. degree . I am a final year student. And also preparing for CAT
    And I want to do HR .. will you please suggest me. I should do HR or not?


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