Wrong Reasons To Do An MBA


A lot of people have different reasons they want to do an MBA. MBAClub.in offers guidance to MBA candidates on why they should do an MBA. However, there are some wrong reasons for which people do an MBA which leaves them disappointed after getting into an MBA courseTwitter . This article captures these key reasons and warns you against the pitfalls of doing an MBA just for these reasons as this may end up being bad for your career.

Doing an MBA to get a post graduate degree

Remember doing an MBA or any other course of that matter is not about getting a degree or about adding more abbreviations in your visiting card, but it is about gaining knowledge about that field which allows you to excel in that field. If you just want a degree but are not really interested in business then the decision is bound to backfire sooner or later.

Doing an MBA is not about adding more abbreviations on your visiting card. Click To Tweet

Doing an MBA to get a high paying job

Most people read about the high salaries offered to IIM graduates in the newspapers and believe that getting into an IIM or any other good MBA course is going to automatically get them that job. Remember that all good business schools have a rigorous course and the students there are highly competitive. Most importantly, about 80% of the students see the value of their MBA in their career more than a decade after passing out. Lastly, the humongous salaries reported in the media are offered only to the top 2% of the students in a batch. Hence, if a huge pay-check is your ONLY reason to get an MBA, then you will be highly disappointed.

If a huge pay-check is your ONLY reason to get an MBA, then you will be highly disappointed. Click To Tweet

Doing an MBA because you don’t know what else to do with your life

Just doing a course because everyone is doing it will not solve any problem for you. If you want to succeed in your life, you need to find out what you are passionate about and then figure out how to be really good at it.Twitter Remember if you are really good at something, you will rise to great heights. An MBA course or any other course is more of a means to end rather than an end in itself.

You should read up some reasons why you should do an MBA and ensure that these are the reasons that you make the decision to do an MBA.

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One thought on “Wrong Reasons To Do An MBA

  1. Anurag

    MBA is a double edged sword as on one side, it takes you to a higher level in corporate chain in a couple years compared to 5-8 years of journey required to reach the same from a graduate-trainee level; while on the other side, you can’t undo a Masters degree at any point in future. That means whatever you’ve learnt in 4 years of comprehensive under-graduation will most likely be washed and replaced by a more general sort of managerial education. You don’t get to study further on your core interests, if it is outside the realms of management, economics or banking.
    So be careful and weigh your choices well before taking a life long commitment.


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