Trickiest IIM interview question – Which IIM will you choose?


One of the trickiest questions thrown at candidates getting interview calls from multiple IIMs is “If you get selected in all IIMs which one will you join?”. This question is primarily aimed at testing the ability of the candidate to respond to tricky situations. This is because the answer to this question is fairly obvious, but the candidate can’t directly tell the interviewer that he won’t be joining their IIM since it is lower ranked than the others he  has calls from. You should use the guide to handling stress interviews to answer this question as well.

The best way to answer the “Which IIM will you choose?” question

“Sir, that will be a hard choice to make since each IIM is very prestigious, but I will evaluate the strengths of each institute and chose the institute which is best for my career in the longer run”

In case the interviewer asks a follow up on what the criteria are for assessing an institutes value for you career – you should answer that courseware, industry interaction, alumni strength and placement record are some of the criteria you will consider.

Remember, in this question the interviewers are not interested in the answer but are trying to gauge how you can handle tricky situations in life diplomatically.Twitter

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