MBA Career Counselling and Interview Preparation Services by IIM Alumni

Our services are provided by bona fide IIM alumni to help you get into your dream B-Schools.

MBA Counselling Services

MBA Career Counselling Service (Rs. 1000)

We will analyze your current profile in terms of education, work experience and career aspirations and accordingly recommend a plan for you tailored to your needs. The plan elaborates steps on when to go in for an MBA program, which entrance exams to give, how to study for the entrance exams and also how to build your profile so that you have the right achievements in your resume at the time of your MBA admission interview.
For this service, we will need your detailed profile / resume as well as a write-up on your career aspirations. We will prepare a career guidance plan and counsel you over a 30-45 minute phone session. You will also receive a copy of the plan over email.
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MBA College Selection Service (Rs. 1000)

Received admits from multiple colleges and confused on which ones to join? MBA grads and professionals from top-tier colleges will evaluate your profile and help you make an informed decision based on your career goals.

 Please note that this service is only for candidates who have received admissions from one of the Top Business Schools (check here for list of top MBA schools).
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MBA Interview Preparation Services

We offer preparation for 2 crucial MBA interview questions along with an optional mock interview with feedback.

Critical MBA Questions Preparation Package (Rs. 2000):

This service provides candidates with recommended answers to the 2 key MBA Interview Questions – ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ and ‘Why MBA?’.

Preparing for the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question

Provide us with your resume and a brief write-up about yourself and we will synthesise the best introduction for you. Remember, this is usually the opening question in an interview and one that makes the most powerful impression.

Preparing for the ‘Why MBA?’ question

This is another critical MBA interview question most candidates get stuck on since it gets difficult to explain moving from a technical career to a B-School degree, joining an MBA program as a fresher etc. We analyse your resume and your introductory write-up to formulate a structured logical answer to this question.
Note: For both the above your resume and a brief write-up about yourself will be needed. Once both the documents are received, you will receive answers to the above questions in 2 business days.
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Mock MBA Interview with Feedback Package (Rs. 2000)

We will conduct a mock 30 minute telephonic interview with an IIM alumni followed by a (15-30 minute) feedback session on your interview performance and areas of improvement.
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Combined Package (2 Critical Questions + Mock Interview): Rs. 3000

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