Which MBA is Better for You? Full Time MBA vs Executive MBA

Many professionals with 5 years of experience or more usually have trouble deciding whether to do for a 1 year executive MBA program or a regular full-time two year MBA course. This article will help you decide which MBA is right for you. This article is relevant only for people with 5+ years of work-experience since most executive MBA courses don’t accept people with lesser experience.

Please note that this article only helps you decide between the executive and full time on-campus programs. The accelerated one year full time courses lie somewhere in between these two. Note, that in the distance learning, correspondence and online courses, you do tend to miss out on the interaction with other students and professors as well as the chance to build a professional network with your class.

The best way to make this decision is to first find out your reason for doing an MBA and then read below the see the difference between these two courses and which one works best for you.

Regular Full Time Two Year MBA

If you want to do an MBA for a career change, or because your current degree doesn’t make you employable, or for self-exploration then you should opt for a regular full time 2 year MBA or PGDM course. The reason for this is that even the full time 2 year course compresses the MBA syllabus to some extent. This will teach you basics of all business streams like finance, marketing, operations, human resources etc and also give you the freedom to specialize in one of these streams through course electives. A one year program significantly compresses the syllabus so the amount of knowledge you gain in a 1 year course is not enough if you want to change your career or want to get more knowledge to be more employable.

Executive MBA

On the other hand, if you simply want to accelerate your career path and want to stay in your current domain, or are looking for a quick introduction to business, then an executive program is more preferable. Since you already have domain knowledge and don’t need an in-depth specialization, a part time course will help you gain very-basic knowledge of the different functions like marketing, finance etc. so that you are prepared for the managerial stage of your career. For those interesting in gaining business knowledge without compromising on the financial stability of your current job, this also allows you to satisfy your quest for knowledge without significantly impacting your career. One of the biggest advantages of this course is that you will build a network with senior executives in different organisations very quickly.

Let us know what was the outcome of your decision in the Full time MBA vs Executive MBA evaluation in the comments section below.

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