How To Answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Interview Question

Tell Me Something About Yourself

Tell me something about yourselfAlmost all interviews start with this question. The ‘tell me about yourself’ question is really important since it allows you to guide the interview. Guiding the interview means making the interviewers ask you questions which you want to be asked thereby increasing the chances of success in the interview. The main objective of this question is usually to break the ice. You can and should use it to your advantage. Most people answer this question by rattling off their resume. You can better use this question by telling the interviewer some specific personal attributes which are not listed in your resume or things which you are good at and want the interviewer to probe more about.

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First, let’s start with the non-ideal answer to the ‘tell me about yourself’ question.

Non Ideal Answer to ‘Tell me something about yourself’

“My name is Ram Kumar. I was born in Delhi and grew up there. I did my graduation at Delhi College of Engineering in the Computer Science stream. I passed my course with Distinction. Then I joined IBM Software Labs in Bangalore where I was working on the Andrew File System for two years. I then moved back to Delhi to join a startup called Gohigh which is in the travel domain. I am still working there. In my spare time, I like to listen to music, read history books and watch movies. I am also a part of an NGO”

This answer doesn’t give the interviewer any new information – he can read this in your resume. This also doesn’t utilize your chance to guide the interview. Now, here’s a better way to answer this question.

Good Answer to ‘Tell me about yourself’

“I am Ram Kumar, a Computer Science graduate from Delhi College of Engineering Delhi. I like to use my analytical abilities to develop world-class products in the travel domain. When I am not working, I like to read ancient Indian history since I am intrigued by the stories of brilliant minds like Chanakya. I also like to give back to society and am an active member of an NGO through which we teach underprivileged kids on weekends”.

Why was the second answer to ‘Tell me about yourself’ better?

In the first case, the professor can ask Ram any question next, either what is in his resume or about some topic in the professor’s mind which Ram may or may not know about. In the second case, because Ram has made some intriguing statements, the professor is more likely to ask Ram about his strengths like the world-class travel product he has developed, some specific topics on ancient Indian history or on his work with his NGO. These are areas which Ram is good at and can answer well, thereby increasing the chances of his success in the interview by more than 100%.

Ensure you prepare the “Tell me about yourself” answer well as it could be a major factor in deciding your success in the interview. If you need assistance, you can also buy our services to help you prepare an impressive customised answer to the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question – see Interview Preparation Services.

You may want to check out more sample answers to the “tell me about yourself” interview question which are specific to your experience and work-stream.

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12 thoughts on “How To Answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Interview Question

  1. sreenath choppa

    sir/madam,i am fresher and preparing for MBA GD/PI,can u please suggest me what are points that we have include in “TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF”,i have little confusion apart from academics,what i have to add,please reply me ASAP

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sreenath,

      This article will help you prepare the answer to the tell me about yourself question from the point of view of a fresher.

  2. sagayarani.A.S

    sir/madam,i am preparing for MBA GD/PI,can u please suggest me what are points that we have include in “TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF”,i have little confusion apart from academics,what i have to add,please reply me ASAP

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sagayarani,
      Apart from academics, you should include your achievements or any hobby or interest that you are deeply passionate about and which you can answer detailed questions on.

    2. Ankur Agarwal

      Hi Sagayarani,

      Apart from what admin said, which is going to be very useful, you should keep one thing in mind, and that is, if you are mentioning about your strength and weakness, then make sure you don’t fake it. Moreover, if you do mention them, try to have something to support it and most importantly, always state your weakness that will sound as a strength to the other person. All the best 🙂

  3. Ankur Agarwal

    Nicely Written, will definitely help a lot of freshers. Thanks

  4. visum kopen turkije

    Thanks for finally writing about >How To Answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Interview Question <Liked it!

  5. sharif sheikh

    Sir, please tell me how should a fresher answer ‘tell me about yourself’ during the MBA PI. Give me some suggestion that could help me.

  6. Abhishek Pandey

    Sir, I have passed my intermediate in 2014 with Maths. After that, I qualified CPNET EXAM, SAFAI, ETAWAH, UP and completed my Diploma in Dialysis Technician in 2016. Now I am working as a Dialysis Technician in Sahara Multispeciality Hospital, Lucknow.I want to do an MBA from India’s best Management College like IIM Ahmedabad OR IIM Calcutta. So please guide me on how should I take admission there.


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