How to Dress for the MBA Interview


Dressing well for the MBA interview is critical. MBA interviews judge your personality as well as your knowledgeTwitter . The way you dress and carry yourself is an important factor in your evaluation. You must dress professionally and carry yourself well.

Dressing shabbily or in a non-professional way will almost certainly guarantee failure. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that you appropriately dress  for the MBA Interview.

What to Wear / Dress Code for MBA Interview

  • For Men: Leather shoes (Black or Brown), formal pants, belt, formal shirt (full sleeves with collar) are a bare minimum. You can also wear a tie and a blazer. There is no penalty for wearing full business attire. (Try to ensure that the color of the belt matches the shoes).
  • For Ladies: A Saree or a formal shirt, trousers and formal footwear. A formal skirt may also be worn instead of trousers (but use your discretion on the length of the skirt). Avoid  salwar kameez as its not considered ‘formal’.

Note: Ensure you follow the dress code if its mentioned separately in the interview call letter.

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