More Sample Answers to the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Interview Question

Sample Answers to the “Tell me about yourself” question

Now that you’ve read about the importance of the Tell me about yourself interview question, here are some additional sample answers to this question for different types of professionals namely IT Services, Software, Banking, Sales and also college freshers. (Please unlock the locker to access these answers).

For an IT professional (Services Industry)

Good Answer:


“I am an IT services professional working with one of India’s top 5 IT firms. I have worked with clients across USA and Europe to help them increase efficiencies in their ERP related business processes. I was part of the team delivering Bank of America’s mortgage evaluation system and my work not only helped me understand the business side of large banks but also made me realise that my true interests lie in the finance domain. Outside of work, I have a keen interest in current affairs, reading science fiction and listing to classical rock music.”

With this answer, be prepared to talk about your project details and its business impact (in this case the mortgage evaluation system of banks). You will also be quizzed on your interest topics so ensure you are well prepared.

For a Software Engineer (Product based company)

Good Answer: 

“I am Anthony, a software engineer with a passion for algorithms and solving complex problems. My work powers the core of Cisco’s network routers which are used by 40% of the world’s internet infrastructure. I am also an avid trekker and have trekked to Roopkund and Djongri in the Himalayas. I have organized and led treks to Harishchandragad and Rajgad.”

Shows your analytical abilities, leadership skills as well shows you are an all-rounder. Be prepared to answer questions on the industry you are working in as well on popular trekking locations and famous trekkers in the world.

For a Fresh Graduate

Good Answer: 

“I am a fresher who is in my final year Bachelor of Engineering course.  Even though my major is Computer Science, I have always had a keen interest in how increasingly companies are using technology to solve business problems. I am an avid reader of The Economic Times and the Harvard Business Review. I am active participant in college events and have been on the management committee of my college’s annual festival. I also love challenging myself through puzzles and brain teasers.”

For a Banking / Insurance Professional

Good Answer: 

“I am a B.Com graduate with 3 years experience in the banking space. I work in the credit card department and am  part of a team of 5 which handles all credit card clients of HSBC in the city of Chandigarh. I have been awarded the most valuable employee of my bank branch last year due to my focus on customer service and process improvement. I am also a music lover and I play the lead guitarist in a band.”

You already work in a domain which the interviewer / professor would be familiar with. This is a good way to show your knowledge and have him grill you on your work and domain knowledge.

For a Sales / Marketing Professional

Good Answer: 

“I work with Maruti Suzuki as a sales associate for in the Chennai region. I have been in sales for the last 2 years and I love the challenges and dynamism of a sales job. My job has not only given me an excellent understanding of the sales function in the manufacturing sector, but also acquainted me with processes in other functions like marketing, operations and supply chain management. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, listening to music and riding my Enfield across Karnataka.”

You already work in a domain which the interviewer / professor would be familiar with. This is a good way to show your knowledge and have him grill you on your work and domain knowledge.


We hope you found these answers to the ‘tell me about yourself’ interview question useful and these will help you in your interview preparation. Leave us a comment to let us know.

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