Sample Answers to the ‘Why MBA?’ Interview Question

Sample Answers to the “Why MBA?” question

Now that you’ve read about the importance of the Why do you want to do an MBA interview question, here are some additional sample answers to this question for different types of professionals, especially those absolutely no prior connection with business level experience.

For Engineering Freshers or people with 1 year work-experience:

Answer: [sociallocker id=”191″]I was always interested in pursuing a business degree after my graduation. My graduation in engineering has helped me understand how things work at the technical level and also honed my analytical abilities. I wish to gain an understand of the finer aspects of the various business functions like marketing, finance and operations. I think an MBA degree will help me do just that.

Answer 2: I have had a keen interest in finance throughout. I used to read many articles on finance and accounting principles. Even while in college, I was the treasurer / finance committee member of my college fest. We had to manage a large budget of 12 lakhs and had to allocate the budget and keep accounts for a myriad of things. That experience further increased my inclination towards pursuing finance as a career option and that’s the reason I want to pursue an MBA.

For people with 2-5 years (technical) work-experience:

During my short professional career, I realized that I was more suited for the business side as compared to the technical side. Now, through my work-experience I have understood the technical side of the business in depth and I would like to complement my technical knowledge with business knowledge so that I can succeed in a product management role in a technology firm like

For people who are changing careers:

I wish to do an MBA in order to change my career path. I have a keen interest in marketing. I enjoy reading about marketing and branding in newspaper sections like Brand Equity. I also continually follow marketing sites like Ad Age. I feel an MBA will give me the opportunity to pursue a more fruitful career in some of the reputed FMCG firms like P&G and HUL.


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