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mbaclub Staff asked 1 year ago

Hello sir,
I have completed my BTECH Degree in ECE this year. I am planning to do MBA in USA. Do the universities there require work experience as a compulsory factor? Or are there any universities to do MBA without any work experience? Are there any top B-Schools in New York? Many people tell that MBA in UK is worth it. Is doing MBA in US worth it?

Please reply.

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mbaclub Staff answered 1 year ago

Most good universities in the US require between 4-6 years of experience. They will take in freshers occasionally but only if they are exceptionally brilliant. UK universities, on the other hand, take in freshers as well.
As compared to UK, US schools are better but also more expensive.
Finally, whether an MBA or worth it or not depends on what you want to achieve. If it is the quality of education you desire, then yes, both are worth it.

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