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mohit Agarwal asked 11 months ago

Hi , Mohit here,– x/xii/cgpa—85/75/6.69, cat/xat/iift-94/96.9/98.5 Engineer – 2012, 1 yr honda experience as a get, ma in political science and 2 yr fake experience in same field-prepared for civils- cleared prelims twice Selected in imt ghaziabad finance. What should I do give gmat/gre or join imt? Avg package -9 lpa with my profile. Later on want to settle in india I have heard that within 2 yr of job u would repay ur loan and save around 15 lakh rs easily. I can get 720 score in gmat

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mbaclub Staff answered 11 months ago

Your choice of college should be determined by your goals and by your perception of which college you think you can get into. Remember, for foreign MBA admissions, just a GMAT score is not enough – you need good and real experience as well. Also, it is advisable to make your MBA decision based on something more than just the salary. That will help you in the longer run.

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