Post MBA Salaries of Top IIMs

There are a lot of questions we get about post MBA salaries since for a lot of students, this seems to be a major factor in making the MBA decision. While our belief is that the true value of an MBA is only seen later in one’s career and MBA placement salary should not be the deciding criteria in making the MBA decision, here we have listed the Post MBA Salaries in the Top IIMs namely IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode and IIM Shillong.

POST MBA Salaries of Top IIMs

The IIMs can be largely bucketed into 2 groups – the old IIMs A,B,C which are 40-60 years old and the newer ones  I,K,S which are 10-20 years old. IIM Lucknow is somewhere in the middle at 35 years, so it is closer to the old IIMs and hence bucketed in the first group.

Post MBA Salaries of IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow

Post MBA ExperienceTop 2%Top 2-10%Top 10-50%Top 50-80%Bottom 20%
Placement (0 years)35-4025-3515-258-155-8
1 years38-4327-3817-289-206-9
2 years42-4830-4219-3112-247-10
3 to 5 years45-6033-4522-3515-288-12
5 to 7 years50-7035-5025-4020-3510-18
7 to 10 years50-7540-6030-5025-4012-25

Post MBA Salaries of IIM Indore, Kozhikode, Shillong

Post MBA ExperienceTop 2%Top 2-10%Top 10-50%Top 50-80%Bottom 20%
Placement (0 years)17-2512-1310-139-105-8
1 year18-2814-1612-1610-156-9
2 years20-3016-2014-1812-167-10
3 to 5 years25-4020-3018-2515-208-12
5 to 7 years35-5030-4525-3520-3510-18
7 to 10 years40-6035-5030-5025-4012-25

Please note that the salaries above are in lakhs per annum and are total (inclusive of bonus) but exclusive of one-time joining bonuses. Also, these are Indian salaries, not international ones. The salaries have been divided into the different buckets since averages usually reported in placement reports give an incorrect impression of MBA salary data.

Key Observations on Post MBA Salaries

  1. The gap within a band becomes significantly larger as the number of years of experience increases. This is one of the main advantages that an MBA from the IIM gives, the opportunity to put your financial growth on an exponential trajectory.
  2. Salary growth in percentage points tends to reduce beyond a point in time. A 15% hike on a base salary of 20 lakhs is 3 lakhs which is a significant amount. However, when the base is 50 lakhs then it is not feasible to get a 15% hike (i.e. 7.5 lakhs).
  3. Beyond a point, salaries themselves plateau. If you are already being paid at the top of your band, there might not be scope of salary increase.
  4. The top band is usually a risky band to be in. If you are not able to demonstrate ROI, then companies will let you go. In case the company is not doing well and needs to lay people off to cut costs, you will be the first to go (even if your performance had been good)

Let us know your thoughts on the post MBA salaries of the top 7 IIMs. You might also want to view our MBA Admission Guide and our CAT Preparation Guide.